Our people

Our local advice teams have years of experience in financial planning & investment management. At Flying Colours, we only hire passionate, dedicated and friendly professionals. We continually invest in training and support so that they get even better. That means we can be confident we are delivering the best possible service to you at all times. Speak to one of our advisers to learn if advice will make you money.

Advisers Personable and experienced. Our independent financial advisers are fully qualified and regulated by the FCA.

John Pulahi

Independent Financial Adviser

John is a financial planner specialising in working with:
  • Small / medium sized businesses
  • Medical professionals; typically GPs, dentists and hospital consultants
  • Professionals such as solicitors and accountants
John’s clients are usually, although not always, in their 50s, or older, and keen to plan carefully for their retirement and the years after they finish working. John is married and has two boys aged 5 and 2. Family is massively important to John. That’s reflected in the type of clients he tends to work with, who are usually as family orientated as he is. John has a passion for self-development. He regularly listens to podcasts and reads constantly, all in an effort to better understand how people think and work, which allows him to constantly improve as a financial planner.