We offer 10 diversified investment portfolios that suit different attitudes to risk.

There are five in the 'Core range' and five portfolios in the 'Dynamic range'. Our financial advisers help select the most suitable one for you. You can see the funds our portfolios invest in here. The chart below shows how each of our portfolios compares to our competitors using the ARC index.

Affordable, diversified investments, managed with discipline

Investment markets can be noisy, confusing places, often drive by short-term fear of greed rather than long-term planning.
At Flying Colours we have three core principles that underpin our approach to investing. We'll never deviate from them.


We take a patient approach to investing. We ignore short-term distractions in order to find investments with long-term value.


We invest money across a range of funds and asset classes. This is a great, proven way to reduce investment risk.

Low-cost funds

The less you pay in charges, the more of your money gets invested. More money invested means higher potential returns.

Couldn't I just do this all myself?

We think that investing for you future is too important to be a part-time hobby. Our professionals service offers a number of advantages over a DIY approach. Even the most experienced DIY investors rarely find the time to manage their investments as closely as they would like. We'll give you back the time to focus on the things that really matter to you. And our low fees and investment discipline will help to put more money back in your pocket.


We regularly review your portfolio to ensure it stays within your agreed attitude to risk category.

Expert decision-making

Our investment team have many years' experience in making decisions through the economic cycle.


We have access to a broader range of investments at lower prices than are available to a private investor.

Portfolio design

All our portfolios are designed to achieve the best possible returns for the level of risk acceptable to you.

Our investment team

This group meets regularly to ensure that our portfolios continue to match the risk profiles we have defined and to which your investment will be aligned.

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