Affordable financial advice [LP-B]

When it comes to saving and investing for the future, or making decisions at retirement, independent financial advice can help you get it right. These decisions are so important and can have such an impact on your future finances that financial planning advice from a professional is a must.

For example, are you confident you can make the right investment decisions or choose which investment product provider to go with? Have you compared all the options? Do you have access to the best priced products? Do you fully understand how much different products cost and how they’ll affect your investment returns.

Isn’t financial advice expensive?

Over the long term financial advice should cost much less than the benefits you get back. According to research by, UK savers who take advice save on average £98 more every month and receive an additional income of £3,654 every year of their retirement, based upon a pension pot of £100,000.

And when it comes to at-retirement decisions, financial advice is essential to making the right choice and avoiding very costly mistakes. You don’t want to end up locked into a product that you could have got for a better price, or worse, running out of money.

The benefits of financial advice

  • Return on investment:
    Getting back more money than you invested, including the cost of the advice
  • Future security:
    Ensuring you will have enough income in later life (e.g. pension planning)
  • Peace of mind:
    Knowing you have made the best practical choices and obtained the best deals available on the market
  • Protection:
    Making sure you and your family have safeguards in place against unfortunate circumstances (e.g. illness, job loss, premature death)
  • Reducing your tax bill:
    Making sure you only pay what you need to and make the most of all your allowances
  • Achieving goals:
    Overcoming challenges and reaching milestones (e.g. finding the right mortgage for your dream home)
  • Avoiding mistakes:
    Reducing the risk of making financial decisions you regret, or falling victim to fraud
  • Opportunities:
    Discovering new ways to make your money work harder for you

Affordable financial planning

At Flying Colours it is our mission to provide expert financial advice at extremely low cost across the UK. Our advice is delivered over the phone but you can always visit our Ascot office if you need. Speak to our friendly team to find out more.