Low-cost pensions advice [LP-B version]

Retirement and pension planning

Finding the right approach to saving for retirement, and for generating an income from your pensions in retirement has become a whole lot more complicated because of changes to pension rules.

As a result you might be:

  • Worried about what size pension you need to save to retire comfortably
  • Looking for ways to maximise the returns you achieve from your pensions
  • Confused about the options available for accessing your pensions and generating an income from them

Without expert advice it can be hard to make the best decisions about your retirement planning and pension options. That’s where our independent financial advisers can help.

If you’re saving for retirement

Our pension experts can assess your investments and understand what you’re trying to achieve. There may be better value products available that could reduce the charges you’re paying. Lowering the fees you pay could help to boost your pension savings.

As independent financial advisers we can look at the whole of the market to see if a more suitable product is available to you.

Or if you’re about to retire…

We can look at the most tax-efficient ways to take money out of your pension. This might include whether to drawdown from your pension pot or purchase an annuity to provide retirement income or a mixture of both.

No matter how big or small your current pension, our advisers can help your investments work harder for you and help you make the right decisions around what to do with your pensions.

We’ll only ever recommend the best pension investment approach to suit your circumstances at the best possible cost, and can arrange for a pension transfer if your existing pension isn’t working hard enough.

Low costs, now and forever

We’ve designed our business to make sure you pay as little as possible in fees for advice and investments and we believe we can deliver this at the best cost in the UK. You can read about our fees promise here.

We’re also offering £100 in Amazon vouchers for qualifying clients who undertake a full financial review with one of our advisers. There’s no obligation to proceed with the advice. You can read the terms and conditions here.