Investment planning

Investment planning

A carefully managed investment strategy can play a crucial role in helping you achieve your future financial goals.

Whether you are looking to target growth or income, or a blend of both, our team can advise on the best investment planning strategy to suit your needs.

By understanding your objectives and when you’d like to achieve them we’ll develop a comprehensive investment plan for you. We’ll discuss your attitude towards risk which will help us to recommend the most suitable investments.

Our investment approach

Flying Colours offers access to a range of low-cost, fully diversified, risk-rated portfolios. Each portfolio is made up of a range of passive or actively managed funds managed by respected fund managers, thus spreading investment risk.

We monitor all of the portfolios regularly to ensure the underlying funds meet the needs of, and deliver best value to, our customers.

Keeping your investment plan on track

Once your plan has been implemented we’ll make sure it stays on track, monitoring your investments and evolving our advice if your situation changes.

You’ll be able to view your investments on our secure online portal. And you’ll always be able to speak to your financial adviser if you have any questions.

Fair and transparent costs

We work hard to deliver excellent value to you. It’s what drives us.

We’re transparent about the charges you’ll pay for advice and investments. And there’ll be no hidden fees, ever.


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